Cal McCrystal | Varekai
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Cirque du Soleil

World Tour

Co-wrote and directed clown acts for Soleil’s 2002 world tour. With Claudio Carneiro and Mooky Cornish.


'At first glance Carneiro and Cornish's hilariously executed antics seem to have little to do with the theme of flight, but Carneiro's haplessness and Cornish's dimpled thighs provide a welcome reminder that the human body comes in many forms and that - despite the godlike soaring of Cirque du Soleil acrobats - it is essentially of the earth. Pure pleasure.'
Denver Post

'Even the clowns, who usually annoy me to no end, are especially good in Varekai, particularly Brazilian Claudio Carneiro as an absolutely terrible magician and not much better lounge singer, aided by a pudgy, Vivian Vance-faced and purposely clumsy assistant named Mooky Cornish'
Entertainment Today

'Lanky Claudio Carniero and body-confident, man-crazy Mooky Cornish may well be the high point of the show.'
San Francisco Examiner

'Claudio Carniero and Mooky Cornish are laugh-out-loud hilarious.'
Oakland Tribune

'The clowns in this Cirque are hilarious with flawless timing and a tireless spirit of play.'
Windy City Times, Chicago

'Varekai is blessed with an enormously funny duo. Hugely hilarious. Pure delight.'
Chicago Sun Times




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