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Operacion Clown

Teatro Jalapa, Instituto Nacional De Bellas Artes Y Literatura

Clown historical melodrama made in Mexico with Adriana Duch, Darina Robles and Adrian Vazquez.


'Slapstick nonsense and well honed tomfoolery are top of the agenda as this talented trio of clowns takes the audience on a madcap ride, complete with retributions, green-eyed jealousy and lust. The costumes are suitably OTT, so too the fairytale set. Elsewhere the scattered use of film and comedy strobe lighting steals some of its finer moments from the silent movies of the early 20th century, and adds new layers of meaning to an already jolly picture. A joy to behold.'
Glasgow Herald

'The irrepressible Cal McCrystal dashes out another piece of madcap tomfoolery for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Once again, as with much of McCrystal's works, Callate invokes the spirits of Spike Milligan and the Marks Brothers. ...the clowning and tumbling continue throughout making Callate a hilarious hour spent on the Fringe.'
The Stage

'Callate is a show of outrageous silliness that piss-takes every known cliché of Mexican cinema. There are only two things you need to know, really: the title means '

The Guardian




Clown & Physical Comedy