Cal McCrystal | Gladiatrix: She-Wolf Of Rome
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Gladiatrix: She-Wolf Of Rome

Gladiatrix: She-Wolf Of Rome

Ed Smith/Karushi/ Your Face Here

Edinburgh Fringe

An orgy of sexual excesses featuring unpaid slaves. With real incest. Gladiatrix is not based on an ancient Roman manuscript found buried in a cave. With James Bachman, Lucy Montgomery and Barunka O’Shaughnessy.


'This is a funny, cleverly written, brilliantly performed and tightly directed spoof. The show has just about everything -- drama, violence, sex, death and Barry Manilow. The deft hand of Cal McCrystal is evident in the direction and there are lovely touches like the use of the love theme from Spartacus and the three performances are comedy bliss. Thumbs up!'
The Scotsman

'One of the on-going truisms of the Edinburgh Fringe is that a funny show is likely to be a hit, but a funny show with scantily clad women on the poster just can't miss….. to engage the widest possible audience, and you have a very cannily thought out concept to take to the fringe, directed by Perrier winner Cal McCrystal. The performances are delivered with Relish. Two thumbs up.'




Clown & Physical Comedy